In an age where everything is on-demand, the thrill of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) adds another layer of luxury to our viewing pleasure. Imagine sipping your morning coffee while your favorite international show plays right on your iPad, no dish, no fuss.

To stream IPTV on iPad, however, you’ll need to get acquainted with some tech magic – mainly, by downloading an app. Ready to deep dive into the world of IPTV on iPad? Buckle up! We have some ground to cover, and by the end of it, you’ll be an expert yourself.

How to stream IPTV on iPad?

Want to turn your iPad into a TV? Here’s a straightforward guide:

1. Get the App:

Unlock your iPad and open the Apple App Store and use the search function to type in ‘GSE SMART IPTV’. It’s free and offers features like playlist management and compatibility across Apple devices.

From the search results, click on the app and then tap “Get” or “Download” to install. After installation, launch the app to get started.

2. Add Your Channels:

Here’s how to do it:

  • Within the GSE SMART IPTV app, look for an option labeled ‘Playlist’ or ‘Media’.
  • Select the ‘Import’ option to add your desired M3U playlists.
  • You will then see two options: Link M3U and Xtream Login.
  • Select the appropriate option based on your IPTV provider’s details.
  • If you go with the Link M3U option, input the playlist name and the playlist link provided by your IPTV service.
  • If you choose Xtream Login, input your IPTV username, password, and the portal URL.
  • Once all the necessary details are in, tap the “Done” button.

The IPTV content should now be accessible. Pick a TV channel, and it’s showtime!

3. Try Other Apps: Beyond GSE SMART IPTV, you might like Ottplayer for its user-friendly approach, rIPTV for its rich features, or IPTV Strike for sports content.

  • Revisit the Apple App Store.
  • Search for Ottplayer and follow the same download process if you wish to try a different user-friendly app.
  • Alternatively, you can search for rIPTV or IPTV Strike to explore more feature-rich or sports-centered options.

Ensure you always download from the official App Store to stay safe.

4. Consider a VPN: To avoid regional content restrictions and improve streaming privacy, using a VPN is a smart move.

  • Head to the App Store and search for popular VPN services like “NordVPN” or “ExpressVPN”.
  • Download and install your chosen VPN.
  • Open the VPN app, connect to a server (preferably in a region that offers the content you want to watch), and ensure you’re connected before starting any IPTV stream.

And that’s it! With these steps, your iPad is ready to stream a wide range of IPTV content. Just ensure you have a good internet connection for a smooth experience!

Best IPTV App for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices

For smooth IPTV streaming on your iOS device, a reliable IPTV player is crucial. While the App Store boasts a mix of free and paid options suitable for both iPhone and iPad, the vast array can be overwhelming. Fear not; we’re here to guide you. We’ve streamlined the process, detailing our selection criteria and presenting our top 5 picks.

How we have chosen these IPTV players?

Our mission was simple: Find the best. And here’s the lens we looked through:

  • Features galore
  • M3U URL compatibility
  • Value for money
  • Performance under pressure

Top 5 IPTV player Apps for iPhone and iOS devices

We’ve put various apps to the test, and here’s a curated list of the top five IPTV player apps, ensuring you have an optimal streaming experience.

Cloud Stream IPTV Player

Cloud Stream IPTV Player has been designed keeping user customization at the forefront. With an array of unique features, it prioritizes individual user preferences and ensures a seamless viewing experience.

Main Features
  • M3U/M3U8 support with 1080p Video Quality
  • EPG Guide
  • Parental Controls
Free or Paid

Free with a Pro Version available for purchase.

  • User-friendly with a customizable interface.
  • In-built dark mode for a better viewing experience.
  • Compatibility across iPhone and iPad.
  • Limited video quality to 1080p.
  • Advanced features locked behind the Pro Version.

VLC Media Player

As a celebrated media player across numerous platforms, VLC’s adaptation as an IPTV player for Apple users provides a robust and reliable streaming solution, especially with its native support for M3U URL format IPTV content.

Main Features
  • M3U/M3U8 support with up to 4K Video Quality
  • AirPlay support
Free or Paid


  • Known for stability and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Supports high-resolution streaming up to 4K.
  • Wide-ranging compatibility for iOS versions.
  • Interface can be slightly technical for casual users.
  • Limited IPTV-specific features compared to dedicated IPTV players.


As a premium player in the IPTV space, Flix IPTV offers a one-time charge model. Its standout feature is the M3U URL activation via their dedicated website.

Main Features
  • M3U/M3U8 support, 1080p Video Quality
  • EPG Guide
  • Parental Controls
Free or Paid


  • One-time payment with no recurring fees.
  • Secure activation process via their website.
  • High compatibility standards for recent iOS versions.
  • Higher initial cost compared to other players.
  • Limited to 1080p streaming.


XCIPTV excels in simplicity and efficiency. Available for all Apple devices, it ensures a fluid user experience with enriched VOD content linked to IMDB data.

Main Features
  • M3U/M3U8, Xtream Codes support, 1080p Video Quality
  • EPG Guide
  • Parental Controls
Free or Paid


  • IMDB integration for VOD content.
  • Supports Xtream Codes.
  • Straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • No 4K support.
  • Might lack advanced customization features.

Smarters Player Lite

Highly recommended by many, Smarters Player Lite offers an amalgamation of user-friendly features, making it an optimal choice for IPTV streaming on Apple devices.

Main Features
  • M3U/M3U8, Xtream Codes support
  • Video quality up to 4K
  • EPG Guide, AirPlay, PIP Mode, and Parental Controls
Free or Paid


  • Comprehensive features, including PIP mode.
  • Supports high-definition streaming up to 4K.
  • Extensive compatibility with iOS versions.
  • Interface can be a tad overwhelming for new users.
  • Might consume more device resources due to multiple features.

Whether you prefer free or premium options, there’s an IPTV app tailored to your needs. By focusing on features, compatibility, and pricing, you can pinpoint the perfect app for your iOS device and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.


Can I Chromecast IPTV videos from iPhone or iPad?

Absolutely! Some IPTV apps, like the GSE SMART IPTV, come with built-in Chromecast integration. Just ensure both devices are on the same network, and you can cast away!

Can I install IPTV Smarters on iPad?

Indeed, IPTV Smarters is another popular app among the IPTV community and can be easily installed on your iPad from the Apple App Store.

Is streaming IPTV on iPad & iOS legal?

Streaming IPTV is a legal activity. However, what makes it tricky is the content. Ensure that your provider or the content you are streaming has the necessary licenses and rights. Remember, when in doubt, always stick to the right side of the law.